August 29, 2021 - DbI First African Conference on Deafblindness

Poster for the May 2022 African DbI Conference
Poster for the May 2022 African DbI Conference

In May 2022, Deafblind International will hold its first Africa Conference in Nairobi. It will connect people with deafblindness, parents, families, practitioners and researchers across the continent and far beyond.

In doing so, the conference will showcase 10 brand new African research projects made possible through DbI’s African Researchers’ Initiative (ARI).

It will serve as a platform and exchange hub for young researchers and practitioners from around the world by including the DbI Young Researchers’ Conference.

And it will link with the WFDB’s Helen Keller World Conference immediately preceding it, which will also be held in Nairobi.

Get excited about the current state of the conference website and start planning your participation and other attendees from your professional environment today:

The Africa Conference is extremely important in providing perspectives for people with deafblindness, their families, caregivers and teachers in Africa, and in giving a boost to local research and education. Education about deafblindness, as well as skills training, are great needs in Africa. The pandemic has further worsened the situation of those affected and, with the discontinuation of services that were marginal anyway, has led to often stark isolation and great challenges for the few professional services and training programs available.

Like every conference, however, the Africa Conference also involves financial expenditure. Currently, the local committee expects a (moderate) cost of about 70.00 USD for a hybrid conference during 3 days (on-site and online) for about 200 participants on-site.

Ticket costs in the range of 350 USD plus costs for travel and accommodation and for possible reduced professional income during the conference days are high for many participants from Africa.

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