July 14, 2021 - Calling All Chefs

“Chicken Fajitas” by Denis Dervisevic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This just in from Deafblind International Youth Network!

Today we are announcing plans of a new publication!

We are requesting young deafblind people to submit an original recipe from their own experience of cooking and baking. Perhaps a family recipe shared through generations, a favourite dish from your country or just a meal you enjoy to cook / bake.

Please share this post with those who may like to contribute to our DbI youth network recipe book.

The deadline for submissions of recipes is September 1st 2021. Please send these to simon.allison@sense.org.uk 

If you have never tried cooking with your child who is deafblind, we encourage you to give it a try. You don’t have to start with elaborate dishes or begin by practicing your Bobby Flay knife skills. There are many things you can make together that are easy and fun. You may want to download the Independent Living Skills Recipes on the TSBVI website or read Hey What’s Cooking, an article by by Franziska Naughton and Sharon Sacks to get inspired. 

During the summer months you can have fun making fruit skewers and have your child help place melon, berries, or citrus slices on a skewer. They might even pick their favorite fruit combos. Another easy summer recipe is tacos. Corn or flour tortillas and heat n’ serve fajita meat can be heated in a microwave and your child can assemble by putting on the ingredients with a spoon. 

Get the neighborhood involved and make lemonade or Kool-Aid to share with folks working or playing outside. Make simple breakfast foods together such as granola and yogurt parfaits. Slice and bake cookies are great. Cakes or cupcakes from a mix work as well. 

Since it is summer and ice cream is a favorite treat in the heat try making ice cream in a bag. Full-time Kid on PBS Parents has a wonderful video and recipe to help you get things set up. Popsicles are another easy treat. Check out some of the recipes on the Kids Cooking Activities website

Cooking is a great learning and sensory experience for all children. It can be especially fun for children who are deafblind and easily adapted to match their skills. Some children may be able to complete a simple recipe with just recipe cards while others may only be able to help with a few steps such as putting ingredients in a blender and turning it on or stirring a mixture. No matter what they can experience the different tastes, smells and textures of the foods.

Worried about the mess? Take the activity outside on the patio if you have an outlet for plugging in a blender or are using materials that don’t require electric tools to make such as a simple sandwich. Or use a plastic drop clothe or old shower current to protect the floor when things are dropped or spilled. 

Get all your family involved in the process. Sometimes more than one cook in the kitchen can make for a fun family activity.

Don’t forget, when you have perfected your recipe, to share your story and recipe with the Deafblind International Youth Network!