July 22, 2021 - Cogswell-Macy Twitter Blast

This important message on the Cogswell-Macy Act came in this morning. Be sure to read and share this information with friends, family, and colleagues. This legislation is very important to the deafblind community and others. We need your help in contacting your senators and representatives to urge their support. With so many other important pieces of legislation in the works, they need to know this piece of legislation matters to you. Make your opinions on this legislation known.

Save the Date!

Cogswell-Macy Twitter Blast

July 26-30, 2021

The United States Capitol

See this message in ASL!

The Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act (H.R. 1959 and S. 813) is continuing to gain new Congressional cosponsors, and we need to keep the momentum going! During the week of July 26-30 we will hold a #CogswellMacyAct Twitter Blast and we hope you will participate. 

You will be contacting current sponsors and cosponsors to thank them, and contacting members who have not yet signed on to encourage them to do so. As constituents, your messages to your Congressional representatives is powerful. We will send you all the tools and information you need. 

If you have a Twitter account, like the new @CogswellMacyAct Twitter page!

Look for information leading up to July 26-30, and get your thumbs ready!