Three Kinds of Calendars

The easiest way for me to think of the calendar is as part of the larger communication system. There are three different types of calendars that we will need to concentrate on as part of this larger system – with the end idea to provide consistent detail about the events and activities that are to take place, and as a vehicle to interaction.

Timepiece Calendar:
This is the physical “thing” that enables us to keep track of time. These calendars are used to break up large chunks of time into more manageable events that can be labeled, and also have additional attributes connected to them. It is a time placeholder and can be used to teach the concepts of “now”, “finished”, days of the week, months of the year, etc., types of Timepiece Calendar include Anticipation, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calendars.

Sequencing Calendar:
This calendar should be used within activities to add structure, provide more information, and give more opportunity for interaction and conversation.

Choice Calendar:
It is very important to provide opportunities for making choices. Choice making allows our students to have some say in what they want.