Choice Calendars

This is our third type of calendar (with Timepiece and Sequencing being the other two). Everyone should have the ability to have some control over their day, and a choice calendar can help to teach the concept of choice making. It enables our kids to have some control over their environment and what will happen in it.

    1. Teaches concept of choice-making
    2. Start with two choices (this or that).
    3. When the concept is learned other choices can be added (a menu).

Using the Choice Calendar:

    • Choice-making opportunities should be treated as structured lessons until the team feels the student has a handle on the concept of “choice-making”.
    • The team should determine a symbol and sign to represent “choice time” in the student’s daily calendar.
    • The student should start with two choices (i.e. “this” or “that”). When the concept of choice-making is learned a more complex menu can be introduced in order to offer more than one choice at a time.
    • You will need to make a separate calendar or choice board. The choice board is a simple board that is divided in half, visually and/or tactually to separate the two choices (a tray from the cafeteria with a Velcro strip down the middle to divide it in half works very well).
    • Place a preferred activity symbol on each side and the student then chooses “this activity/ or that activity”.
    • It is very important that when a choice is made they go and do that activity. When choice time is over “finish” both the activity that was chosen and the choice time activity symbol before moving to the next item in the daily calendar sequence