Session Guide and Resources

Session Guide

Screenshot of page 1 of the Session Guide
Screenshot of page 1 of the Session Guide

Are you ready for the 2021 Texas Symposium on Deafblind Education? To make sure you know what is happening each day and when sessions begin, you should download the Session Guide. It contains important information about all of the events, our speakers and sponsors, and how to get a certificate or continuing education credits. The guide is available in three languages in both Word and PDF formats. 

 English PDF or English Word

Spanish PDF or Spanish Word

 Guia Final do Simpósio em Português PDF or Guia Final do Simpósio em Português Word

Live Presentation Resources

There are no handouts for each specific session, however, some of the presenters have asked that we include a variety of resources you may want to explore for further information about their topic. 

Day 1 

Texas Deafblind Project Brochure 2021

National Center on Deaf-Blindness website

NFADB Information 2020-2021

NFADB 2020_21 Brochure English

NFADB 2020_21 Brochure Spanish

Deafblind International Network of the Americas website

Day 2

Center on the Developing Child – Harvard University website

TSBVI Presentation – Cameron

Working For Kids Module 1 Overview

Working For Kids Module 2 Overview

Working For Kids Module 3 Overview

Working For Kids Module 4 Overview

Working For Kids Module 5 Overview

Day 3 – Dr. Jude Nicholas

Tactile Working Memory Scale – PDF Download

This manual gives professionals tools to identify and assess tactile working memory in persons with deafblindness.

Working memory, or the ability to keep something in mind for a limited amount of time is a central function in cognition. For persons with congenital deafblindness we need a bodily-tactile perspective on working memory. This manual gives a theoretical overview and presents a scale that can be used by professionals to identify and assess tactile working memory in persons with deafblindness, and design tools and strategies to ensure that these persons can develop and make use of all their potentials, both cognitively and linguistically.

The Nordic countries have a shared history dating as far back as the 70’s when it comes to jointly producing, developing and disseminating knowledge in the deafblind area. This manual is a result of such efforts, through the networks of Nordic Welfare Center. The population of people with deafblindness is small in each country, therefore the Nordic benefit is great. By working across borders we have managed to developed knowledge that can benefit professionals internationally working with persons with deafblindness.

This manual is the result of a collaboration in The Nordic network on Cognition in Relation to Deafblindness . The authors, neuropsychologist Jude Nicholas from Statped in Norway, senior adviser Annika Maria Johannessen from Statped and psychologist and senior researcher Trees van Nunen at Royal Dutch Kentalis are all involved in the network.

Day 4

Interview with Paul Hart

Day 5

National Family Association for Deaf-Blind website

Family Locations Map

Family Day Notes and Resources

Day 6

Katy ISD – Transitioning from Early Childhood Intervention to Early Childhood Special Education with a Student who is Deafblind

Day 7

Maurice Belote Powerpoint in PDF English

Day 8

No special resources are provided.

Asynchronous Presentation Resources

Dr. Eugene Bourquin, DHA, COMS, Manhattan, NY 

Deafblind Travelers: Street Crossing and Communicating with the Uninitiated Public

Bibliography Bourquin

Carolina Gonzalez, COMS, Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Austin, TX

O&M Strategies when Working with Students with Deafblindness

DB Symposium O&M Strategies when Working with Students with Deafblindness – Powerpoint

Handout – O&M Strategies when working with students with deafblindness


Julie Maier, Education Specialist, and Kayla Coburn, Education Specialist, California Deaf-Blind Services, San Francisco, CA

Building Positive and Supportive Peer Relationships

Creating Connections Articles from Julie Maier

Pamela Lattapiat Navarro, Teacher of Special Education with mention in Hearing and Language Disorders, and Oriana Donoso Araya, Teacher of Differential Education with a major in Visual Impairments,  Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, Ñuñoa, Chile

Reality of Deafblind Students Studying in Regular Schools With or Without in Inclusion Programs, in Four Regions of Chile

2021 Presentación – Pamela Lattapiat Navarro

Theresa Tancock, Family Services Coordinator, Canadian Deafblind Association – British Columbia Chapter, New Westminster, B.C. and Linda Mamer, Deafblind Teacher-Consultant, Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness, Richmond, British Columbia

Supporting Children and Youth with Deafblindness Using Virtual Platforms: The Silver Lining

Fine Motor Activity Package 1

Life Skills Activity Package 2

Social-Emotional Activity Package 3

Sensory Activity Package 4

Movement-Gross Motor Activity Package 5