Collage of 3 images: young girl with cane holding a loaf of bread in a grocery store; boy with glasses examining melons; teacher and parent with boy lying on the floor.

Who is this microsite for?

This section of the website is designed to reflect the natural progression used in a classroom, starting with establishing a bond and getting to know students, moving through assessment and into building meaningful programming, and finally reassessment.

These pages are intended to support individuals in their interactions with children who have deafblindness including also those with visual and multiple impairments. The purpose is to offer a place for sharing strategies and ideas in the design and use of communication systems.

What is a communication system?

A communication system can be thought of as a holistic model for teaching concepts, supporting bonding and interaction, and language. The communication system for a student with deafblindness may include structured routines, calendar systems/timepiece, and interaction strategies, which should all be used together to make the whole.

Why is it important to form a bond?

For a communication system to work, you need the magic ingredients of trust and the ability to establish a bond between you and the child. Without these ingredients it is impossible to bring these different parts together to create conversations and meaningful relationships with others.