Be a Good Playmate

Be a good playmate, whichever strategies you’re using.

Helpful tips:

    • Slow your pace: if you are prompting a lot, the pacing or the topic may be off.
    • Be generous with your time, with objects, with your flexibility.
    • Don’t be bossy: learn from your student, and avoid prompting whenever possible.
    • Don’t make the child share until he or she is ready: buy doubles or duplicates of interesting objects for play.
    • Be an interesting model at the child’s developmental and interest level.

    Video Examples

    Cookie Conversation

    In this video the teacher, Chris Montgomery, and student are previewing an activity that they will do soon. They look at the materials together and have a playful interaction.

    Box Conversation

    In this video the teacher, Adam Graves, imitates the student’s actions about a large, plastic box, taking turns with him and labeling actions, objects, and emotions.

    Video Tutorial Companion: Be a Good Playmate (Part 5 of 7 from the Web Training Series)

    TSBVI Outreach Consultant TVI Sara Kitchen delivers part 5 of this 7-part web training series on Interaction and Bonding.

    Sara Kitchen