Products Developed by Texas Deafblind Outreach

Our Philosophy about Our Products

Texas Deafblind Outreach has developed many products to assist educational teams in developing quality programs for students who are deafblind. These products have been developed by the Texas Deafblind Project staff alone or in collaboration with others.

Many of our print products are downloadable and fully accessible. In addition to print products we have created a variety of webinars and online courses that help inform educational practice for Texas students who are deafblind. Our intent is to make all products fully accessible to all our consumers.

We believe that learning more about individual who are deafblind and instructional strategies that help them to grow into their full potential is achievable. It is important for families to understand how their child’s sensory impairments impact their ability to fully participate in the world around them. More importantly we believe that learning about best practices in education can help professionals help them overcome many of the challenges they face in the educational setting and the community.

Almost all of our products including print materials are available free of charge because of the financial support we receive from the US Department of Education – Office of Special Education Programs grant overseen by Texas Education Agency. A few of our books are not free, but are offered at a great price.

Looking for Something Special?

If you are looking for something special from our project and cannot find it, please feel free to contact Kate Borg, Outreach Director at We are continually adding to our catalog of products so if we don’t have what you need now, we might be able to develop something that will meet your needs.