Using Calendars to Expand Concepts

Benefits of Adding Expansion to Calendars

    • Increases opportunities for social interaction by introducing the “with-who”, “do-what”, “go-where”. In calendar conversations we are learning other people’s names and the characteristics associated with that person.
    • Introduces sentence building and word combining through action words, and attributes. Again – “do what”, “with-who” and, “go-where”… “Go to gym class, with coach, and play basket ball”.

This is an example of the calendar being used as a framework on which to hang larger concepts, add detail to conversation, and expand on interaction.

Strip calendar with text and photos
This student is using pictures and has events expanded into “who, what, and where” categories. This “wh-expansion” adds detail to conversation and helps to teach sentence building.

Video Examples: Using the Calendar to Expand Concepts:  Expansion Calendar Example

Here you see a video of Jarvis (a few years after the daily calendar example was filmed) and his teacher using an expanded calendar. They are having a discussion about their upcoming trip to the drum store. Notice how each activity for the day has been expanded to include “With who”, “Do what, and “Go where”. In this instance, going with “Matt”, in the “van” to “explore” the “drum store”. This helps to create new topics for conversation, increase vocabulary, and provide additional information.

Jarvis Goes to the Drum Store

A daily calendar example leads to a trip to the drum store with TVI Matt Schultz and others.