We have been fortunate to have the opportunities to sit down with many of the presenters who speak at various conferences and workshops for a more intimate conversation about individuals who are deafblind and deafblind education.

An Interview with Barbara Miles

In this interview which took place in 2018, Matt Schultz and Chris Montgomery discuss some of the key points of her presentation,  Studies in Deafblindness for the Advanced Practitioner: with Barbara Miles: Genuine Conversations: A Path to Lifelong Learning for Both Partners. This event was presented by the Texas Deafblind Project in Austin, TX.

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Vergessene Sinne mit David Brown

German Translation of the Forgotten Senses with David Brown.

Our thanks to the “CHARGE Syndrom e.V.”  for their translation of David’s presentation into German and German Sign Language. Visit their website to learn more about them:

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An Interview with Joe Gibson on Outdoor Activities for Individuals who are Deafblind

Description: Interview with Dr. Joe Gibson Outdoor Activities Coordinator; Sense Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland.
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An Interview with Paul Hart on Children who are Congenitally Deafblind

Paul discusses the unique challenges faced by educators and parents as they engage with individuals who are born  congenitally deafblind. How can a child who learns primarily through touch achieve language, the ability to communicate and a healthy self-identity if they do not have “tactile experts” who can teach them through a shared tactile experience? What can educators and parents do to become more expert in the use of the tactual sense as they attempt to educate and interact with these children?

Interview with Bernadette van den Tillart and Gunnar Vege about Tactile Reciprocal Interactions & BETs

Original webcast date: 02/21/2015 Description: An interview with Bernadette Van Den Tillaart and Gunnar Vege, who both work with children with congenital DeafBlindness. Their experiences and research have led them to emphasis the need for educators to enter into the tactile world of the child with DeafBlindness, to mirror and affirm a child’s experiences and emotions, from which a child becomes increasingly self-aware and better able to communicate and interact with the environment.
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Interviews with Dr. Jan van Dijk

The Texas Deafblind Project had many opportunities to work with Dr. Jan van Dijk over the years. Here are two interviews that were done with him during one of those visits.

An Interview with Suzanne Zeedyk on Early Emotional Development with Babies who are Deafblind

Description: Interview with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, founder, Connected Baby talks about typical early emotional development in babies and the impact of deafblindness on these children.
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An Interview with Brent Pitt, formerly with TEA,  about Deafblind Eligibility

Interview from 2016 with Brent Pitt, formerly of TEA, and Sue Enoch, former TSBVI APH/VI Registration/DB Child Count Coordinator on Child Count of Students in Texas who are Deafblind. Both staff members have since retired. As of Spring 2021 current contacts are: Nicholas Trotter, Visual Impairment Program Administrator and Deafblind Grant Director at Texas Education Agency email: phone: 512-463-9414 and Brian Sobeck, TSBVI Systems Support Specialist, email: phone: (512) 206-9225.