Sample Letter to the Audiologist

An audiologist places a hearing aid in the ear of a child.
An audiologist places a hearing aid in the ear of a child.

When the student goes to an audiologist, who may not be aware of the special challenges of providing appropriate assessment and amplification for a student who is deafblind, the orientation and mobility specialist may want to draft a letter to send with the child and his parents or the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. Below is a sample letter you may want to use to guide you.

Letter to the Audiologist

I am a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) with SCHOOL NAME Independent School District. I am doing an evaluation of STUDENT’S NAME who is deaflblind. An important part of my evaluation addresses sounds that are necessary for safe travel in the community. I would like an opportunity to discuss the following with you:

    • Any adjustments to the assistive listening device to allow the student to access environmental sounds;
    • The ability of this student to localize sounds;
    • The physical limits to accessing and safely using environmental sounds (e.g. traffic) when traveling independently;
    • The ramifications of amplification for travel as a pedestrian in a variety of settings (e.g. residential, commercial, light business) and using public transportation; and
    • The ability of this student to access auditory information from accessibility apps (e.g. talking GPS) on a smartphone and attending to traffic sounds simultaneously if possible.

Thank you very much for your assistance in understanding the unique needs of this student related to accessing environmental sounds to develop and enhance their ability to travel safely and independently.

Please feel free to phone me at PHONE NUMBER or email me at EMAIL ADDRESS.